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  • Happy Yogi......

    Had an amazing class this morning. 100% recommend taking some of these classes!


  • More Happy Yogis......

    Post Op-inguinal hernia, I suffered from severe neck pain and caused me to lose 6 nights of sleep.

    I contacted Julie, she gave me 5 exercises,which took about 15 minutes to perform twice per day. The relief was dramatic even after the first session. By day 3, I was pain free full range of motion and sleeping comfortably.


  • Julie is a very passionate yogi; she underestands and practices with her heart and soul.

    I had my first yoga class with her on November 23, 2007 in Langley and her manner in teaching and encouragement kept me coming back to practice.



  • Julie is an amazing instructor who is capable of bringing out the best in anyone. I was initially very shy when I met her, however she slowly kept encouraging me and got me to push farther than I had before. not only has my flexibility increased, my mental fortitude has become stronger. Through sound advice and practical instruction I've become alot more confident in my abilities. Go see her if you want your potential unleashed.


  • As a very beginner at practicing yoga Julie has provided the safe space to learn and grow. Julie has the rare gift of connecting with people of all ages and stages of skill with her vast and unique inter- disciplinary knowledge and experiences. Julie isn’t afraid to be real and practice with her students which brings a sense of authenticity and compassion into her small and humble studio. I look forward to re-building my strength and flexibility with Julie following a chronic illness diagnosis that has limited my ability to “move with ease”. I highly recommend Julie’s style of yoga therapy for anyone wanting to return to the body as the container of wisdom. Lynn@www.totemhouse.caAll reactions:11


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