Tuesday night 7pm MST Men's 1st Hot Yoga Class

Tuesday night 7pm MST Men's 1st Hot Yoga Class

Men's Tuesday night 7pm MST Hot Yoga Class........  Well, that was a boatload of fun to teach.  A group of dudes supporting dudes in yoga.  It's been a minute since I've had a group of men to teach.  In Vancouver it was a constant.  In fact my classes were majority men often.  Even for a couple years up in Prince Rupert, there was a heavy dose of blue collar men at my classes.  Here in Kimberly, it's really exciting to see the men come forward to practice.  This will be ongoing as it was a smashing success.  Thank you to all of you who showed and fully immersed. 

Let's see where this takes us as a group.  We did the standing series of Bikram Yoga.  26&2.  All first timers on this class and WOW so easy to teach.  Thanks Guys!  Looking forward to next week's class and seeing what happens.......

There is definitely a shift in energy when teaching men and being in a room with so much testosterone.  Very driven group too.  In the same breath it's powerful and formidable to witness!  So thank you to all of you.  It's been way too long of a minute and I am grateful so many showed up and trusted in me! 

One thing is for sure, 6 men in the room is the Max!  8 is the max in a regular class as women are smaller in general so far from what I can see.  So if a guy or two shows up it doesn't take as much space as a room full of dudes!  That was very cool to realize in class last night too.  So thank you for that too!

See you Tuesday June 13th @ 7pm MST and have a wonderful week.

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