The week before Grand Opening........ boy oh boy......  WHOO HOOO

The week before Grand Opening........ boy oh boy...... WHOO HOOO

May 5th is coming quickly.  Ease of Movement Yoga Therapy is official and I am SO EXCITED!!!!  We have previous experience with owning and leading in studios with yoga but this is a really lovely evolution of the yoga world since COVID.  I have been working on this process since the year before COVID started for EMYT.  COVID kiboshed our earlier efforts and that just tells me it wasn't time yet.  The time is NOW.......  EMYT is my private practice for Yoga Therapy and a place for people to come and practice yoga while connecting with other souls who enjoy an easeful community that openly expresses outwardly and inwardly.

This studio is filled with up-cycled and brand new resources.  It's a fresh combination of old and new.  Borrowed and blue..... (borrowed meaning gifts-you know who you are.....and thank you).  This home may be old but it's clean and safe.  We know as we saw the walls inside while we tore down one and believe me I was not sure what we would find with the age of this house.  The first owner was meticulous and we are truly grateful.

Sebastien and I are second owners of this incredible space.  For those of you Kimberley 'long timers' who knew, Jula, this was his home and he raised his family here.  He was a staple in the community and constantly shared time and stories with others.  I never met him but what I did know of him is he blessed this beautiful property with his knowledge and he was a magical gardener.  He also practiced yoga in this garden sometimes at 3am (at 94 years of age), when the sun was asleep and his eyes (the eyes of lifelong miner) could handle the darkness better.  This part of his story sat deeply with me.  As I too love yoga.  So many have come forward to share stories of his story telling and his feistiness.  And while he may not be for everyone, he was not easily missed or forgotten.  His son, Sandy was quite an amazing human too.  My husband and I felt fortunate that Sandy and Janice chose us for this property.  It felt like home before we even knew for sure it was ours.

Many thought the house was condemned and it was for 'sale by owner'.  To that I say, 'Thank God'......  Jula had wood boards on the windows and only the garden shined.  The house is aging and will need more love soon.  BUT it's ours and we love it.  His gardening magic still refreshes every Spring and Summer since his final days in the garden back in 2016 Summer.  He had his secrets to build and nurture this garden.  We have since learned some of the secrets from some of his cohorts that were the same age and maybe a generation younger who walk by and just banter about days gone by with us.  I cherish this and is why we are here.  People take the time......  It's a way of life here.  My soul needed that shift.

Why does this matter for yoga?  It's nice to share, I'm half Irish and well..... we have the wood and are planning on an outdoor yoga platform behind the house a little distance away from the parking where we had corn and potatoes last year.  Most of the food will be moved to the front of the garden this year along with Jula's beautiful Irises, Lillies, Alliums and Tulips.  We will be enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine this year doing yoga together nestled in the East Kootenays outdoors near 90kms of hiking trails that are breathtaking..... and giving......

This Summer I would love to have 'hike then yoga' or 'yoga then hike'......  Feedback locals.....  Which is better?!?!!?  Let me know what you think.......  Enjoy this beautiful weekend.....  We live in a euphoric place....  I look forward to meeting you in and/or out of the yoga room.....

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