Playtime is good for the soul

Playtime is good for the soul

It's been a minute.....  Since we opened back up in the world we are moving at a slightly slower pace or so it seems to me.  One thing I learned during this time is downtime and playtime are crucial for overall wellness.  It's a part of the balance of life with working.  To not allow yourself this time is cheating yourself of joy and relaxation which is also a part of health and wellness.  To build Ojas there must be recovery and time of joy.  Ojas=energy.  I see some of you out there goin on cruises(ahem Romanos-Happy Father's Day Rich...{my old classmates}....yeah I'm living vicariously.... hahahaha).........  um HELL yeah!!!!(OR heaven yeah!!)  or flying to a warm sunny place (my classamate, NIkki Keltch) AND LIVING THERE........AHHHHH......count me in!!!  It's too late..... you invited us!!!  Sebastien and I will show up in flip flops and bathing suits one of these days!  Or maybe it's just curling up with a good book and simply having a cup of tea.....  All of these things are crucial to wellness.  

As you can see...... I am a lifelong monkey displayed in my photo!  This is a must for me.  50 this year, btw.  It's a need not just a want.  I kinda feel badly for the poor nuns who raised me...... I do know they were way happier when I inverted.  They just didn't know that's what I was doing to behave.  Better behaviour and easier to manage after a handstand or cartwheel.  The longer upside down, the better!  Of course they weren't all nuns were they, Timmy?  Thanks for being so patient with me then and not crushing my spirit AND being an amazing friend now after all these years!!  Shout out, Buddy!  You were a phenomenal teacher!  

With gardening, yoga, hiking, shooting pool and teaching yoga/yoga therapy I am satiated and feeling content in my world.  This is soothing to every part of my being!  I wish this for everyone including our little Charlie!  What a little love bug he is.......  He's a rescue but really he rescued us......

That's my yoga studio and private practice behind me.  My husband built this space out of primarily upcycled and recycled materials and some new materials.  There are fairy lights all over and it's got such a soothing chill vibe!  You can hear the wind chimes outside facing the garden when the screen door is open and the back window is open with cross ventilation.  Even in hot classes it's sublime.  I feel grateful and blessed for all that is and all that I have in my life.  Til next time....bottoms up........

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