NEW SUMMER SCHEDULE: The Never Ending Story of Schedule Hunting

NEW SUMMER SCHEDULE: The Never Ending Story of Schedule Hunting

This one never seems to get easier.  That's ok.  We live in a place where there is so much to do.  And I truly love this part but like everything it's the duality that can be complicated.  This is the journey of life.

While we are building and heading into Summer, this schedule seemed to make the most sense:

Monday 3:30pm  Bikram, 5:30pm (Zoom ONLY) Bikram 

Tuesday  5:30pm Vinyasa Flow

Wednesday  3:30pm Vinyasa Flow

Thursday  5:30pm Bikram

Friday  3:30pm Yoga Therapy Group Class

Morning or lunch hour classes are not in demand by the showing numbers.  Therefore, we are putting our direction into this time for now throughout the Summer.  This will also give most the daytime to enjoy the sunshine and nature.  We will revisit in mid August for mornings and middays for this coming September as we head towards Fall.  For now, let's celebrate warmth and Summer.  

You may book and prepay for morning or lunch hour classes with a friend or two.  You'll need to have a few people booking together as the minimum is 3 unless you book a Yoga Therapy session 1:1.  There were lots of requests for morning and midday lunch hour classes but very little turn out.  While evening seems to be where people show very consistently.  In late Summer we will revisit the possibilities then too.  I look forward to seeing you in the yoga room.

778-384-9642 (YOGA) Text me, RSVP let me know if you have any curiosities or questions about what I do here.....  This is a comfortable and supportive bunch and I encourage questions and curiosities...... I look forward to hearing from you.  You can also email me at


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