New EMT-Ease of Movement Yoga Therapy Sign

New EMT-Ease of Movement Yoga Therapy Sign

My talented and kind husband, Sebastien is building this beautiful sign for Ease of Movement Yoga Therapy aka EMYT.  This is my heart's work and passion for me in this life.  He has not finished the final pour yet, we are awaiting the delivery of more Epoxy.  All of this is very exciting.  The studio is on a very visible space near the nature park opening.  Cannot wait til the sign is in place.  There are little fairy lights inside the words and fibonacci logo.  At night the fairy lights support visibility.  This is very exciting for the coming months for us as far as the community really knowing we are here.

Please feel free to reach out on my cell phone 778-384-9642(YOGA) to let me know what you think of the sign, if you have questions or if you would like to RSVP a class time or 1:1 session.  I can also be reached at  Remember the first session or class is FREE.  I'm confident those who show and return will be receptive and interested in continuously building a supportive and connected community.  This is why I offer the first class without risk or expense.  We serve all levels of yoga.  We also manage the heat with what is needed and is only used as a supportive tool not a weapon.  If heat is your fear, let's chat more in depth about this and know nothing is absolute including heat.    I look forward to hearing from you on some level with curiosity.......  I'm here when you're ready!!!

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