Julie Cook's Short Bio

Julie Cook's Short Bio

My journey with Bikram Yoga started long ago in Seattle post major motor vehicle accident.  I sustained 9 herniations and a brain injury.  March 14, 2003.  After this I was unable to practice an advanced practice any longer.  I grew up with my Mother’s Guru/Teacher, Yoga Amrit Desai.  Kripalu Yoga was our lineage.  In the Bikram world he is known as ‘the yogi in white’  Many Bikram trainees know him from visiting their Bikram training.    Oddly, he did not visit ours.  Gurudev (Amrit Desai) was integral in encouraging and helping Bikram come to the US.  Even though their styles were quite different and their approach was night and day it was important for yoga to be known more widely, Amrit & Bikram knew that too!

Back to me.  My body would not allow me to do an extensive yoga practice anymore.  The addition was the heat.  Although I already knew ujjayi pranayama breathing techniques I was still in need of the heat to melt my muscles and bones from my injuries.  I was told I would be in wheelchair if I did not have surgery post accident.  The Orthopaedic Surgeon yelled at me for choosing yoga.  Nonetheless, I chose yoga and chose Bikram Yoga specifically.  I do not have a problem with all modalities of medicine or healing. We all choose our direction. 

My practice began in early to mid 2003 at the Sweatbox in Seattle.  It was an early school.  One of the first outside of California.  Frankie was one of the owners at the time and my first Bikram Yoga teacher.  I will always love her the support and compassion in my process.

That accident was life changing.  Although my practice was saving my body my partner at the time hated it and was also very much about excess with food and drink.  So I apparently chose to get fat post accident and travelled through Europe to allow myself some fun.  I had a lot of fun and are some incredible food. Not to mention the incredible wine.  That didn’t help my body in healing at the time. It slowed it down and I felt it.  Subsequently I cut my trip short when we were on our way to Central America.

I am Canadian.  We re-entered Canada as fiancess from Europe.  I started at the once famous, Bikram Yoga Richmond with the infamous Fireman Dave.  I went from a size 12 to a size 2 in 9 months.  Our engagement ended and I continued on my search for wellness and that which would support me in my healing journey through healthier choices.  I let go do what was not working for me.  Those are very challenging decisions.

On the brighter side, I met my husband, Jean-Sebastien.  He started practicing daily and sometimes twice a day with me.  I was on fire and soon moved deeper into Vancouver and practiced with Christian Corleone at Commercial Drive, Brad Colwell at Metrotown and Herminder Gossal at New Westinster. 

We Chose Commercial Drive and practiced until teacher training Honolulu Spring 2007 where we went to training together. (I did not want to go to LA so I waited for Honolulu)

We had several studio partnership attempts to buy in and we almost built several studios too.  Ultimately, we had Bikram Yoga Abbotsford.  We hosted the 2014 Canadian Hatha Yoga Championships.  That is a story I will share another time to the curious.  I had an unofficial studio in Prince Rupert, BC.  Bikram Yoga Prince Rupert.  It was a volatile society there and they needed yoga. The studio was hosted in a gym in one of their small rooms.  So we were only there for a few years.  I continue to teach in my private practice in our home as I was also a Yoga Therapist in training with continuing ongoing education with Susi Hately of Functional Synergy.

January 12th this year I was in another major motor vehicle accident.  I am still suffering from the brain injury on this one.  My cognition has improved and still has a long ways to go.  My body is still beaten up and I put on 45 pounds as I am an X high intensity athlete.  (US Competitive gymnast.).

I have gone deeper into Yoga Therapy training over the last 5 years.  Studying with Susi Hately @ Functional Synergy out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  This training has deeply enhanced my experience and knowledge of Body Mechanics and simple movement vs asana.  Learning to witness, acknowledge and peel the layers of compensatory patterning/neuromuscular synaptic patterning and simplify it to find ease.  This is how I found the name 'Ease of Movement Yoga Therapy' (aka EMYT).

I have chosen to keep classes to 4 days a week in our small town for now.  Monday-Thursday.  I love teaching and am the most fulfilled when I am teaching or supporting people who are diving into their own story.  There’s always so much more and I’m happy to share long term!  Call, text or email me.  778-384-YOGA (9642). julie@emyt.yoga.

Come share your story or not.  Come move your bones and breath! 

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